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2019 / 02 / 12

Antari 2019 Product Guide is released.

It can be viewed and downloaded on-line at

2018 / 06 / 12

FT / AF Series EDM



2018 / 02 / 26

HZ-1000 is the most advanced haze machine among Antari’s HZ series. With the option of single or twin-compressor modes, this exceptional hazer can now be used in greater range of various venues. 


The TFT color touch panel makes it much more instinct and easy when setting. More protection and convenience is provided with the wheeled-flightcase while touring. Built-in turbo fan not only brings the haze higher and farther also enables the hazer to create drier haze with minimum residues. Bigger fluid tank and easy-to-see liquid level indication window both help make sure the show must go on!



• The maximum haze output is HZ-500’s double. Two operational modes: Single-Compressor or Twin-Compressor mode can be selected to create needed haze volume. 

• Equipped with TFT color Touch Panel provides simple control interface. 

2018 / 01 / 29

Antari 2018 Product Guide is released.

It can be viewed and downloaded on-line at


2017 / 12 / 04


Easy Use, Easy Go !

FT-20 is a battery-operated portable fog machine, capable of providing long time operations with massive fog output.  



•  Two power supplying modes available: DC 12 volt battery or switching power adaptor, which enables the machine to be operated in AC power environment.  (between AC 100 and 240 volt)