After a hectic day of work, you just want to get together with friends for a drink. 

Imagining the romantic feel created by gentle lighting shoot through the fog that relax you in total…  


For the past 30 years, Antari fog machines have presented in numberless international large scale events, and satisfied most of the high standard professional user’s demands in machine stability and effects.


Now, the new challenge to meet the new trend of fog machine for business purpose, Antari has developed a new Z-380 model. The design of this new fog machine bases on previous models for professional users, but practically in a broader application for general business purposes. 


Z-380 features 1,500W capacity, big output yet smart, solid and compact design in appearance, easy operation, handy and user friendly, clean fog, fast proliferation, not interrupting other present equipment, and comes with a convenient hanger.


Z-380 has stable continuous fog output system, excellent results; it is the best choice for different types of business sites to create a lay back and romantic feel.



1. 1500W huge capacity

2. Compact size yet powerful outputs

3. Both 3pin and 5pin in dual DMX connector

4. DMX offline auto power off function

5. LCD screen setup display user friendly

6. Equipped with hanger to add conveniences to your choice of hanging or lay flat

7. Big pipe design with smart auto cleaning function, no hassles for clogging by using Antari fog liquid

8. Adjusting wind volume in linen and ensure fog output smoothly

9. Easy connecting to 0-10V control



-Power Consumption
-Warm up Time
-Fluid Consumption
-Fluid Tank Capacity
-Operating Time

-DMX Channels
-Accessories Optional


U.S. : AC 120V 50/60HZ 12.5A
Europe : AC 230V 50/60HZ 6.3A
1.5 minutes (approx.)
6 ml/min (100% output)
1.2 Liters
Antari FLG-1E Heavy Fog Fluid
MAX. Output 3 hr
6,000 cu.ft / min
Volume and Timer Mode
DMX 512
2 Channels
WTR-20 Wireless Remote
Z-3 Cable Remote
L 328 W 247.7 H 264.8 mm
8.34 kg

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Effects Video

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AF-5 Effect Fan
Z-6 Timer Remote
Z-8 Timer Remote
Fog Hose Adaptor