The DNG-200 Low Fog Generator is the complete ground fog effect solution. It’s a fully self-contained unit that has a built-in fog machine and cooling system to create a low lying fog effect, makes it far more efficient and convenient compared to CO₂ and dry ice.
Built-in volume, timer and DMX function setting are fully accessible through its LCD display control interface. The unit comes with 3 meters conducting hose enable the user to guide the fog to the desired location. Its robust built structure comes with large side handles and wheels for the ease of transportation. DNG-200 is designed to meet the requirement for medium to large scale venues.
● Self-contained unit, no CO₂ or dry ice.
● Continuous low fog output
● High-efficiency heat exchange system generates massive output
● Optional flight case offers extra protection and ease of transportation


- Input voltage

- Refrigerant

- Start current

- Rated power

- Warm-up time

- Fluid consumption
- Fluid tank capacity
- Compatible fluid

- Ambient temp. range
- Output
- Control

- DMX channels
- Optional accessories 
- Dimension
- Weight
US : AC 100-120V, 50/60Hz 6.6~14.9A
EU : AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz 2.4~5.9A
R- 404A, 1.98LB (0.9 Kg)
R- 404A, 1.98LB (0.9 Kg)
120V / 63A 
240V / 21A
120V / 1400W
240V / 2500W
120V / 24 minutes (approx.) 
240V / 12 minutes (approx.) 
100 ml / min (100% output)
10 Liters
Antari FLR-10 Light Fog Fluid
Antari FLC-10 Super Light Fog Fluid
5 °C - 40 °C (41 °F-104 °F)
80 m² / min
Volume and Timer Mode
DMX 512
1 Channel
FDNG-200 Flightcase
L 780 W 608 H 715 mm 
120 Kg
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